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Online mental health resources crafted by professionals at your fingertips. Work on your mental health and wellness at your own pace.

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To Help You
Be Well And
Stay Well

We use our years of experience and advanced training to create tools that work. We aim to address mental health gaps by showing you ways to cope during stressful life events and give you tools to weather life’s storms.

Feel More Calm

Sleep Better

Improve Your Relationships

Manage Your Distress

Understand Yourself Better

Improve Your Communication


What We Offer

A variety of ways for you to learn and grow.
Here is where your journey to wellness starts on your own terms.
self-help workbooks


The ultimate self-help tool that allows you to work along at a speed you are comfortable with. These workbooks provide education and practical tools you can use immediately.


videos you tube self help


Short videos and other multimedia that help you learn and practice skills to manage mood, anxiety and stress including meditation videos and downloadable audio.



Online courses to improve your mental health and wellness, step-by-step. Get access to high-quality content created by mental health professionals with years of experience.



What Drives Us

We are a team of psychologists, therapists, researchers, advocates and students at the Momenta Clinic for Psychological Wellness. As professionals in the mental health space, we witness gaps in the mental health system on a regular basis including people having difficulty accessing psychological services.

We love the work we do and want to help address barriers people experience when in meeting their mental health and wellness needs, including having difficulties accessing reliable information and evidence-based psychoeducation. We aim to combine this passion with our interest in innovation and explore new ways to promote wellness.